We help organizations build a more positive culture by showing more appreciation and creating more meaningful moments.

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“A world full of happier employees and customers is our ultimate source of inspiration.”

We believe that …

  • feeling valued is one of the basic human needs that has to be met before a person can feel happy, healthy and engaged
  • the successful companies of the 21st century will be those companies that will be able to connect their workforce with their corporate culture and strategy
  • appreciation is the most powerful and the least expensive tool to positively impact your bottom line and to create an engaged workforce
  • people who feel appreciated can positively impact others – whether this is at work by being a better colleague, at home by being a better spouse, parent, friend, … or in business by attracting more loyal customers
The time is now! So let us help you build a strong recognition culture and take small but consistent steps towards creating your own company’s success story – an inspirational journey for engaged employees and loyal customers!

Our History

1. Family-owned & run

Second generation of Arteel… Diversity in top team as both husband and wife act as co-managing directors …

2. In business since 1976

When you’re in business for over 40 years, you look at the long term… Value brand reputation… Exceed customer expectations and common market practices to build long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers…

3. Pioneer & market leader

Belgian reference company in employee experience and customer loyalty programmes… Winner of Belgian innovation award in their category…

4. Chosen by 82% of best employers

Approach based on extensive research and interviews with CEO’s of top… Academically tested with professors from the KUL and Vlerick… Implemented and refined in-house for four years… Case features in classes top Belgian business school… 82% of best employers in Belgium choose Arteel…